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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Okay, so I have realized that some of the New Year resolutions I made are unreasonable. Or, rather, I picked too many to effectively make them happen. So I'm going to revise some of them. Here's my revamped list of resolutions for the year:

New Year Resolutions

Photography 365 project - take a photo every day, trying to capture that day in that one shot, an post to my Flickr account weekly.  Photography 52 Project - take a self portrait once a week. A creative, technically competent portrait. Post to Flickr semi-regularly, at least once a month if not every week.

Read the Book of Mormon every day

Work out 4+ times a week and lose 15-20 pounds.

Read one or more NEW books each month (Tale of Two Cities at top of list)

Blog every day, alternating blogs - one day on my personal blog, one day on my movie review blog, and one day on my writing blog. Blog every week on any of my blogs, but mostly this blog. Write a review on every movie I see in theaters and book I read and post them both here and on my movie blog.

Write in journal every day (digital or hard copy - I think digital so I'll write in more detail) Write in journal every week for sure, every day if possible. 

Finish Spanish Rosetta Stone

Finish watching Lost (I need to be free of it!)

Write feature length screenplay and/or a novel - write for at least 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes every other day. Let people read my work and give feedback.

I think I just found myself maxed out with all these daily resolutions. I needed to scale back and really focus on what matters in each goal (why I decided to do them in the first place).

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