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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Letter

Dear Boy,

Here’s the way it is: I like you. I have always liked you. When I say like, I mean I want to date you. I know we’ve always just been friends. I understand that you may never want more than that. I just think you should know that when I met you, I thought you were SO attractive. And funny. And smart. Then I discovered you had a girlfriend, so I decided to forget about liking you. You nearly always have a girlfriend. Between girlfriends I’ve happily played the part of what I’d like to call your “interim” girlfriend until you find a “real” one. True, there’s been no cuddling or hand-holding or any of those things. But I have liked you. I re-realize I like you every time you’re not dating someone – maybe it’s because the possibility of dating is suddenly open and I give myself a chance to hope. But you always get a new girlfriend, and it is never me.

I’m writing you to tell you that perhaps it should be me. Perhaps you should take your eyes off of those young, plastic girls you are always dating – the ones that look really good on the outside and are probably really sweet, but just aren’t quite up to your level – and date someone who fits you better. Someone who understands you and wants you to be happy more than anyone she’s ever known before. Someone who appreciates you as one of the best friends she will ever have. Someone you tell you love every day, and who always says she loves you back – and always will. Me. That girl that you’ve been an amazing friend to for a year and a half now. The girl you should realize is perfect for you.

In response to this letter you will probably give me some crap about how I’m “too good for you” or “out of your league.” That’s crap. It’s flattering crap, but crap nonetheless. I understand if you don’t feel anything for me. I totally get that. But have you ever even thought about it? Thought about us? I think about it. I like the idea of us. But maybe you don’t. I know you love me as a friend and you always will. That is wonderful and I would never want to lose that. But is there perhaps a chance that you might add to that a little bit of romance? Just a little? I promise you, I’d be one hell of a girlfriend (See that? I just swore for you, and I don’t swear). That’s all I wanted to say. I think we could have a wonderful time together. I think we should just try it out. If it doesn’t work, at least we’ll know. And don’t worry – you will always be my friend.

I find I’m just a bit hung up on you. In a good way.



(I composed this letter as part of my creative writing journal)