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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Almost Victory

Today is a good day.

Today I handed back all of my students' graded work, and I have only had one student complain about their grade. I will talk with him on Thursday.

Today I was also notified that I have been chosen to be a TA again for next semester! They had to cut three of us, and I was sure - absolutely positive - one of those three would be me. But it wasn't! I am still a CO101 TA. I'm so grateful that I get to be a TA again because I learned so much this semester that would be a shame to not be able to improve upon next semester. The only bad thing about being a TA next semester means that three of my friends don't get to be TAs. I feel awful about that. I wish it didn't have to be that way.

Today I decided what to write my Superhero "Thought Piece" on. Our professor is a bit helter skelter. He's been changing the course requirements all semester. At first there were three papers due, and then maybe only one short paper and one long, and now it's two short papers and one thought piece (really short paper). All I have left is the thought piece, and I'm writing a bit of a stylistic comparison between The Dark Knight and The Avengers, trying to determine which style will take over as the codified, classical superhero genre style. Sound fun? Well, what is even more fun is that if I'm not happy with the paper, I can tell my professor not to grade it. And he won't. And I'll get an A- (most likely). Or he can grade it, and I guess my grade could go lower, but I don't think it will unless my paper is REALLY awful. I hope it isn't...

Today I made it to the halfway point in my big TV Theory paper! The only problem with this is that I have kind of run out of ideas...but my professor let me borrow a couple of books, so that should help. I only have 10 pages left to write. Just 10. I can do that by Thursday night, right? Only if I stop blogging and watching YouTube videos and get back to work...I need to be done by Thursday night because that's when I have to pick up my Nintendo 3DS XL from Best Buy. That's been my motivation to make it through finals. I'm a five year old on the inside. Maybe a 10 year old sometimes.