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Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday! Here's my High Five:

1. It's not only Friday, but a long weekend Friday! Yay! That makes it extra Friday.

2. I didn't get a full-blown cold! I felt one coming on, so I went home Monday night and slept and slept, and I didn't get all the way sick. I am so very glad.

3. I watched The Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary performance at the Royal Albert Hall - we bought it on Blu Ray for my daddy for a Valentine's gift. It is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Oh my goodness. Just a great show. The Phantom, played by Ramin Karimloo, was amazing - I got to see him as the Phantom in the original cast of Love Never Dies when I was in London. He is just made for that part, I swear. And Sierra Boggess was Christine in the 25th anniversary and I also saw her as Christine in Love Never Dies - she is absolutely fantastic. And together? Magic. I love being able to watch such a wonderful performance any time I want.

4. I completed a big section of a project I'm working on at work! It feels great to have it done. I mean, it's not completely finished but I've got a good portion under my belt.

5. I filed my taxes and I'm getting back about $1000! That's great considering what I made last year. I hate money...except when I'm receiving it :)

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