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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Car Buying WIN!

I did it! Yesterday I bought my first car! I haven't named him yet, but I have a couple of names in mind. He's a 2010 Nissan Versa. Not a Honda Fit because those are too expensive and a little too small to feel safe in I think. Mostly they were just a couple of thousand dollars more - I got a lot of car for what I paid for my Versa.

Now I feel significantly poorer. And like I could be paying for my car for the rest of my life... (it really won't take that long to pay off. It was just a small loan. But I hate hate HATE being in any kind of debt, so I want to pay it off ASAP). But now I'm free to do what I like! I can move to Provo if I so choose, or I can move closer to where I work. I can drive to California if I like. Its amazing the feeling of freedom having a car brings. The past year has been a lot of growing up for me - graduation, real job, and now a car! Pretty exciting. And scary...Now what big adventure will Jenny go on next?

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  1. love it jen. love you. and yes, drive to california!