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Friday, January 6, 2012

What kind of gamer are YOU?

I recently read the following post:

And it got me thinking...which type am I? I have spend a considerable amount of time gaming, but I wouldn't use the term "gamer" to describe my habits. After reading the post, I determined that, based on their criteria, I am a "Mid-Core Gamer." Not hardcore, not novice. Just in the middle.

I recently discovered that a guy I work with is a Zelda geek like me. We're both playing our way through the newest Zelda installment, Skyward Sword. It was comforting to me to see a married man who seems pretty normal and balanced also harbor a passion for Link and his adventures. Video games are fun in moderation - yes they can suck your life away, but if you follow the general rule that real people are more important than video people (as my mom had to continually remind me after I got my hands on The Sims games) then I think you're safe. Games should also generally played with others. I have watched countless hours of my brothers playing games. It sounds like a waste, but I have some really fun memories of it. It's a shared adventure, kind of like watching movies with friends except you get to help make the movie.

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