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Friday, January 20, 2012

Car Buying Fail #2

We went to look at another Honda Fit last night. This one was SOOOO nice. It was beautiful. The sales guy could tell I loved it and kept dropping the price. Five times he went back into what my friend Michelle calls the "magic room" to talk to the sales manager. He dropped the price down to $10,000 for me - an amazing deal. But it was still out of my price range. As I stood there, I realized exactly how little money I have to spend, and decided that the Honda Fit and other similar cars are all out of my price range. Frowny face. I was probably an idiot for walking out on such a great deal. But if I'm spending that kind of money, I'm getting a Prius or some other hybrid that gets me way better gas mileage. So now I'm changing my car search to stuff more like older Toyota Corollas. I really dislike car shopping. And money. Blargh.

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