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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dancing Hands

I had my community ed Hip Hop recital on Saturday night. It went really well, I didn't mess up more than twice, and I had a lot of fun. My dad recorded my dances, and besides being really bad at filming and keeping things in focus (mostly because he's getting old and blind, not something he can help, bless him) he did a good job. But as I watched the video tonight, I realized I have something in common with Fred Astaire. Don't get your hopes up - I'm not graceful, elegant, or extremely talented.

 I have big hands.

 Fred Astaire had very large hands. He had to learn to hold them in a certain way as to make them look more normal. I've always known I have big hands - I've had a couple of people tell me I have man-hands before. I'm not shy about it. I fully accept them. I actually think I have very nice looking hands, regardless of their size. However, these hands of mine flop around like jellyfish at the ends of my arms when I dance - very large jellies.

 I don't hope to ever be as good as Fred Astaire at dancing - as if I could ever even dream that big. But if I am to dance, I am going to take a leaf from his large-handed book and learn to hold my hands in such a way that they look elegant. Or at least smaller. It just looks awkward with them flapping about. I guess I just focus so much on what the rest of me is doing that I forget about my hands.

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