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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Sunday May 30, 2010

We were early for church today! It seems that we're either 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late because of the way the trains run. It's an adventure getting to church every week. We had a very interesting joint meeting with Relief Society and Elder's Quorum. We watched a rather lengthy video about donating blood and then the Elder'r Quorum President spoke about the Ward Employment Program. Kinda random. There was no lesson or anything...Giving blood and the employment program are about helping those around you, so that was good to hear, but I think they would be better discussed outside of the church block or very briefly as announcements. That's not my decision though - I just thought it was a little odd to do those things in a joint EQ RS meeting. I still haven't done anything calling wise - I will be speaking in sacrament meeting on our last sunday though. I feel a bit useless in the ward - we have such an on-the-ball ward. I'm happy to just be there.

We had a really great devotional tonight - it was all music, so some people sang solos, duets, small groups, etc and then we sang some people's favorite hymns. It was really great. We sat near Professor Macfarlane, and right before we sang "Have I Done Any Good" he commented on how it sounded like a drinking song. Then he sang with so much gusto that Jess and I could not stop laughing the entire song. It really does sound like a drinking song! "So wake (drink) up, and do something more!" ha ha Professor Macfarlane is great. That was a rare irreverent moment in the evening - everything else was very spiritual and quite wonderful actually. I feel so fortunate to be here. Everyone is amazingly talented and kind and spiritual. It's been so great to get to spend time with them - I love it here! We all have been realizing that we only have 2.5 weeks left - crazy! It's gone by soooo fast. I can hardly believe it. I'm already starting to miss it here, and I haven't even left! I have so much I have left to do too... no regrets :)

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