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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sundays are Favorite

This week was a challenge. I'm not complaining - I still love everything I'm doing, but I feel so tired all the time that sometimes I don't enjoy everything as I should. It's been so go go go all the time and we just finished up midterms that I feel like I'm going to collapse. But that's why we have a day of rest, right? To rejuvenate and remember how fortunate we are - that's exactly what today was. Church was wonderful - I once again don't really have an assignment. I feel bad because everyone else in our ward has like two assignments...but they did ask me to speak in sacrament meeting in a couple of weeks and to lead the opening hymn in Relief Society next week, so that's good. Also, I feel very happy with myself today because I totally went out of my comfort zone. Three times! At church the missionaries told us that two investigator girls our age would be coming to church today and that we should make them feel welcome. They sat right behind me in Relief Society, and the whole meeting I was freaking out about what to say to them. I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to make it fake or I sat there, freaking out - should I say something, should I not? What should I say? etc. Then, the meeting ended and I just turned around and smiled at them. I still didn't know what to say, but I made eye contact with them and said hello! I didn't run away like I normally would! Woo! One of the ward missionaries introduced me to the girls and told them I was a missionary from the university in America - ha ha, I was introduced as a missionary! That was fun. I didn't say much of anything to them. I just smiled and said it was nice to meet them before they were whisked off to Sunday School, but I talked to them! That probably doesn't mean anything to anyone but me and my parents (cuz they know how silly and shy I am - remember how phone calls used to scare me?), but it was a good moment for me. Then, I got out of my comfort zone again and made friends with this cute quiet Spanish woman in Sunday School! I was on a roll! Sacrament meeting was amazing. One of the guys in our group, Ryan, spoke on the Aaronic priesthood and shared some neat mission stories and testified of the priesthood. A guy from the ward also spoke - his testimony was so powerful. He converted as a young man against his parents' wishes and served a mission even though they didn't want him to and he testified of the power of the priesthood in his everyday life and how much of a difference it made. I love my ward.

We went on a walk through the beautiful Kensington Gardens today. It was wonderful. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, which is ironic because I hear it's snowing back in Utah (tee hee hee). The parks here are insanely busy on Sundays, even more so when it's as beautiful as it was today. The landscape was picture perfect. One weird thing I've noticed is that people will just come and lie on the grass with their shirts off - I have seen several women in just their bras chilling out in the grass...odd...We also got whistled at today by some guys playing "football" (soccer for you Americans). That was an experience :)

Every Sunday night we have a devotional. I knew that our Stake Second Counselor was coming, but guess who he brought along! Alex Boye! From MoTab! He's one of the two black dudes in the whole choir - the way he described it, he and the other guy are licorice among a bunch of marshmallows ha ha. He is so cool and funny. He sang a song for us - great voice. And he gave a little spiritual thought as well - I don't know if you've heard it before, but he talked about "what it would be like if we treated our Book of Mormon like we treat our cell phones." Some interesting food for thought. His testimony was great to hear. Our 2nd counselor gave an amazing testimony as well of the power that we have and the light we have. He told us that we need to stand out, don't be average. He told us we could do anything with God. I loved their messages. They were just what I needed to hear to rejuvenate me and get me realizing how fortunate I am to be here and how I can't waste one second. I can get everything done that I need to with the help of the Lord. I love my life. I am so, so blessed :)

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  1. 2 things:
    I can't wait to hear about Scotland!!!
    I, too, used to be terrified of phone calls.