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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He's there...inside my mind...and I love it!

Today was a blur – we had class in the morning, and then in the afternoon my friends Jessica and Kristen and I went on a walk through Hyde Park, right by where we live (see previous post for details). Before we actually started the walk we were approached by these Indian guys who wanted me to take their picture – “Please, take?” was what they kept repeating. So I took their picture. Then one of them pointed at me – “Please?” He wanted a picture with me! Why? Who knows? Both of them took pictures with me – SO AWKWARD. And then they wanted pictures with my friends. It was so random but a really awesome story ha ha.

After the walk (which was absolutely marvelous – I love Hyde Park!) we ran down to Ben's Cookies, the most amazing cookie place I've ever been to. London has all these little shops dedicated to one thing - cookie shops, chocolate shops, sock shops, etc - way more than you see in the US.

After dinner we hurried off to see Phantom of the Opera!!! It was amazing! I’ve never seen in live before, so I was freaking out. In fact, I began crying when the chandelier lit up at the beginning and the music began playing. The music is so amazing! I loved it. And the Phantom had the most incredible voice, as did Christine. I wish my dad could have been there to see it too – it’s his favorite. He would have loved it. Wow, such a great play. Two amazing plays so far! London is the best for musicals. And now, I must sleep, for tomorrow is going to be a long, big homework day. Yuck. But today was epic fun. So that helps J

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