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Monday, May 31, 2010

In an Octupus's Garden, in the Shade

Saturday May 29, 2010

Today I woke up at 5:00 AM to make the pilgrmiage to Abbey Road! We thought the tube didn't open until 6 so we took a bus, but we didn't know which bus would take us so we hopped on one, got off, and then walked for about 45 minutes. Another group of our friends left at 6ish, took the tube, and got there the same time we did...lame...BUT, we did get to see some cool things on the way, like the Lord's Cricket Ground - that was a distinctly British experience. It also provided time for me to listen to the Abbey Road album on the way there to get in the mood.

Near Abbey Road there's a wall full of signatures of those who make the trek there - I signed my name in honor of my dad. He would have appreciated being there far more than I did - he's a much bigger fan. I included the names of our favorite songs. And now we are part of Beatles history! :) The pictures we took were very fun. We had to keep our eyes open for angry drivers - I think they get tired of people showing up to take pictures in their neighborhood and clogging up their crosswalk. But we got some sweet pictures - that's the key, right?

We were all really cranky and hungry afterwards due to lack of sleep, so we all took naps. I re-awoke at noon and then headed off to Camden Market with some friends. There, I purchased a sweet super hero comic messenger-type bag. It's really loud and bold, just like Camden Market itself. I actually think it's too loud for me to use...but I will try to own it. It is very me in subject matter. My friend Jess bargained down a t-shirt, a skill that I greatly lack. I'm just a big pushover, but she has it down to a science. I tried once though - I didn't succeed. I wanted to get a couple of Chelsea Football pins, but the guy wouldn't cut me a deal...I need more practice I guess.

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner - it was so good to have big, fluffy, American pizza. Italian pizza is good, but thin...and flat...and expensive. The Pizza Hut was actually a sit-down restaurant, something I've never seen for a Pizza-Hut before...We always just order delivery at home, or their just the counter places. While we waited for out pizza, we talked of things Harry Potter - it's fun to debate such things with other intense fans. There are so many fans of Jane Austen and the Brontes and Harry Potter here - I feel very at home with them.

After dinner we proceeded to do homework...blargh...silly school.

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