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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here I go again - how can I resist you? :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Today began with class, like many days do. Then class ended and we went to a concert at Wigmore Hall - it was the Vienna Piano Trio, and it was probably the most sublime music I have ever heard. They played Haydn's Piano Trio in E flat then Schumann's Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor Op. 63. It was absolutely heavenly. They encored and played Shubert - that was probably my favorite part. It was so great. I'll admit, I slept through a bit of the middle...just for like a couple of minutes. It's so hard not to fall asleep when you're running on so little sleep and there's gorgeous music playing. I have decided that I am in love with cellos...and violins...but a little more cello than violin. I love the deep rich sound it can produce. It's such a beautiful instrument.

After the concert we ran over to the National Portrait Museum and saw so many famous portraits - the kinds you see in history books, except these were real and the original versions! It was so neat. We saw a bunch of the Henrys and Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots and a bunch of Queen Victoria. I especially loved it because, due to my history class, I actually know who all the people are and what they did so I could appreciate the portraits more. We went searching for Jane Austen's portrait and found was a lot smaller than I was expecting...It was practically a postage stamp. But it was still really neat to see the real thing. It was painted by her sister Cassandra. While in the NatPortGal I ran into Eliza Cook and Sam Jensen from Highland - crazy! I haven't seen them in so long, since graduation I think. They're here on a U of U study abroad. It was really fun to see some familiar faces in the middle of London.

The absolute highlight of the day came after dinner in the form of MAMMA MIA!!! Woo! It was so much fun - such a fun show! I wanted to dance the entire time. Comparison with the movie is inevitable, so here are my thoughts - they are extremely similar, though I thought Meryl Streep was a better Donna and the guy in the play was a better Sam (no offence meant, Pierce. You just can't really sing...I still love you though, and now I'm craving a Remington Steele marathon). The relationships between Sophie and the dads was better developed in the play than in the movie, but I really missed Colin Firth - I absolutely adore him. Not that the guy in the play was bad - he was really good! I just love me some Colin. Mamma Mia is such a fun production. And at the end they invite you to stand up and dance. I most certainly accepted their invite! It was a blast and a half. I sang the songs and danced the entire way home. I can't believe how many amazing plays I've seen here!

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