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Thursday, August 2, 2012


It's official - I told everyone at work that I'm leaving. It's safe to say its one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I love my job, I really do. Sometimes the work is tedious or a bit mind-numbing for me, but that's literally the only downside. I love the people I work with. I knew I had to tell them, and I spent all of Tuesday night bawling. Why did they have to be so wonderful?!? It certainly would make leaving a lot easier if they were jerks...

I told my fellow editors first, of course. Michelle was sad right away and asked me not to go, Seth was sad but encouraging, and Greg was pretty unreadable at first (he has since proven to be quite sad and daily bemoans my leaving). They are all so supportive though - each of them have said that if they were my age and single and such they would definitely do what I'm doing. It's crazy how much I love these guys. It was hard to tell them, but it was harder to tell John, my boss. Michelle basically dragged me to his cubicle and made me tell him, knowing that I was a bit of a chicken. After I told John I had to tell everyone, and everyone (including me) was sad. But excited! It's such a strange mix of emotions. Jeannie thinks I'm gonna get married, and most other people think I'm going to become a famous director (people outside of film don't understand the difference between studies and production). I told them I may come back to work here, and most of them looked at me ad said, "Why?" They think I should move on to bigger and better things.

Immediate talk began of a send off party with tons of food, and the editors have planned to go out to dinner one night before I leave. It's getting harder and harder to be motivated to work. I don't have any urgent projects to work on, and I can't start anything new. But soon enough - too soon - I will be in my little car driving across the country to my new home, a little girl in a big new city with no idea what she's doing. Sounds fun, right? Grand adventure.

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