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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Matter of Taste

So, I finished "Lie to Me" a couple of days ago and am now well into my next Korean tv show (Boys Over Flowers). Considering that most of these shows I've watched are pretty poorly written and over dramatic, I've had to ask myself if it's worth spending my time watching them. I mean, there are so many amazing things to watch, and some would argue more worth my time. I've especially felt this pressure in preparing for grad school. I feel like I'm supposed to watch all of these acclaimed movies and tv shows and be snobbish towards all "lesser" forms of entertainment because I'm a scholar of film.

I came across a blog about "Lie to Me," and they ended their commentary on the series with this:

"Always stay true to yourself, and your tastes in entertainment. Good or bad, acknowledge what works and what doesn’t, but ultimately find validation and meaning in things that make you happy. Lie to Me made me crazily happy for pretty much 8 straight weeks, and for that, I bid a fond farewell to the big drama that everyone expected so much of, which turned out to be just a little drama that brought joy and love to a slice of viewers the world over." (

And that about sums it up. Find validation and meaning in the things that make you happy, and don't worry what other people think about what you like. If it means something to you, then that's enough.

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