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Sunday, August 26, 2012

First night on the road

Not quite as cheap as we had hoped to find (for money-saving purposes), but not bad. Turns out Wall, South Dakota is a hoppin place - it was the only room available on a street packed with hotels/motels. We're pretty cautious (paranoid) and we moved all my important possessions into the room for the night. It's funny how you can be tired when all you did was sit all day long. Mom drove all day - I offered to take a turn, but since she gets car sick it helps her to drive. So I entertain her with my variety of awesome medias. I'm going to download an audiobook tonight (free wifi!) that we can add to the mix of movies on my iPad, my awesome music, and our lovely conversation.

61° Clear
200–298 South Blvd, Wall, South Dakota, United States

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