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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting Ready

I leave for Boston on Saturday - that's three days from now...AHHH! I've spent so much time with it being far away, and now that's it's actually here I don't know what to think or feel.

People keep asking me if I'm excited or nervous or scared and I always respond with yes, all of the above. I'm excited to be somewhere new, to make new friends, go to a new ward, to take new classes at a new school. I'm nervous and scared about those same things - what if I stink at grad school? What if I'm in the wrong classes? What if I have a hard time making friends? What if my roommates don't like me? What if my car breaks down on the way there? What if I get lost in the middle of Boston and my phone dies? What if I forgot how to do the whole school thing? So many worries running through my head.

I just keep reminding myself that I prayed about it a lot and it always felt right. It will be good for me. I will grow up a little (on the outside - don't worry, the five year old boy inside me isn't going anywhere) and I will be a better person. I hope. Yes.

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