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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things in South Dakota

In Mitchell, South Dakota there is a Corn Palace. Yes. A palace made of corn. Well, actually it's mostly just decorated with corn on the outside. And we visited it! At the corn palace, or rather just outside it, they were hosting the South Dakota Youth Talent Show finals. We heard the returning champ singing Adele and Sara Bareilles songs - she was quite good. The girl who followed her was also quite talented, but sounded rather nervous. She also sang Adele. And they had a fried cookie dough stall - why have I never thought of such a wonderful thing?!? We didn't get any, but just the thought made me happy. Someday I will get a fried cookie dough stick.

After the Corn Palace somewhere along the highway we saw a sign for Laura Ingalls Wilder's house - the Little House on the Prairie! We didn't stop - we have to make tracks - but it was neat just knowing that it's REAL!

And then we saw this:

I'm not totally sure what it is.... But there it is.

81° Sunny
I-90 E, Montrose, South Dakota, United States

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