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Thursday, April 5, 2012

It is one of those blah days...

This week it has been really hard for me to wake up, but today was the worst. I'm at work now, but I wish I was anywhere but here. I'm at a dead point in my work (we have to get feedback on our project and there's nothing to do but wait) and I have fallen into a bad habit of after-work naps that make it so that rather than sleeping for 8 hours each night I'm sleeping for 2-3 hours after work and 4ish hours at night. In between sleeps there's a couple of hours of very unproductive time where I think about working out, playing the guitar or piano, watching a new Bollywood movie, going to the temple, or some other such thing that doesn't happen because I'm stuck with a major nap hangover. So I do nothing. And then I start to cry because I'm so lazy and I wasted an entire evening, and now I have to go back to work where I have nothing substantial to do. It's a viscious cycle. And I'm getting fatter and more tired every day, despite the fact that I don't eat candy or desserts or anything and I'm getting tons of sleep. Ugh. I just have a bad case of the blahs. What can I do to get out of the blahs?

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