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Saturday, April 7, 2012


So...I'm a bit of a collector. I follow trends, I catch 'em all, and I love every second of it.

It started with beanie babies way back in elementary school - I have 89. Yes, 89. Not all of them are Ty brand. Actually most aren't. I was basically an adoption center for lost beanies. They all had names, personalities, and stories.

Then there were digital pets. I have two Tamagotchis, a Nano Monkey, a Giga Pound, and 4 girls that grew up from baby to teen. I LOVED those things. I still feel the urge to pull them out and play with them sometimes.

Then came the Pokemon cards. I have hundreds upon hundreds. These were fun because they were a game too, though I was the only one of my friends who actually played the game. I had to convince my brother Josh to go up against me. He didn't enjoy it as much as I did - I think I almost always won.

Then the Furbies hit. I have three - a rare black and white one that was my first and favorite, an Easter egg colored baby Furby, and the wild black and brown zebra striped one Josh was given that I later adopted. Waiting for my birthday was never so hard as it was that year.

Around the time of Furbies I started into The Sims, the best computer games series ever (not just according to me either). I have The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3, and all of the expansions for each one (except the newest Sims 3 one).

My more expensive collections include American Girl dolls. I have three - Samantha, Kit, and a look-a-like one that I named Kate. They had the BEST adventures. I even had a little cast and crutches, a dog and dog sled, a bunk bed, a wardrobe, and a table and chairs. My mom let me build them a room in my closet that I could always keep. They had their own lamp and even posters on their walls.

In high school I took a liking to the Lil Homies collection that you'd find in coin machines in random stores or at the mall. That's one of my more regrettable collections. I just thought they were so funny.

I've also collected more intellectual things like rocks, books, and sea shells.

Its been a few years since I've had one of these collections, but when I discovered the tiny ninjas in the coin machines at the Arctic Circle across the street from where I work, I just couldn't resist. I now have 27 of them (a lot, I know, but I plan on giving away most of them). A few months ago I became a bit bored with them - no matter how many I buy, I never get the black ninja.

Then a couple of days ago a guy at work introduced me to what i think will be my newest collecting phase: Lego Minifigures! These things are SO cool. I've always been a Lego fan because not only are the people who design them super creative, but they give you the option of creativity too. These Minifigures are like tiny works of art. Today I bought my first four - a minotaur, a sexy Latin lady, and the cave woman twins that I've named Oogey and Boogey. And I already want more.

Now, it probably sounds like I was either spoiled or wasteful with my money. I assure that it's not the case. My parents made me earn every penny for all of the things I bought, and the more expensive ones were saved for my birthdays and Christmas. Sure, some of my purchases haven't been lasting in value (like the homies) but I can promise I got my money's worth out of each toy or card or figurine. And I still go back and play with some of them every now and then, if only to relive elementary school days. Plus, my kids will be given every single toy that I loved to play with, and it will be so fun to see the toys have another life in their hands and imaginations.

Maybe this is why Toy Story 3 means so much to me. It really hits home.

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