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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Doozy of a Day

Today has been a whole lot of awkward, and it's only 10:00am! First, I went to fill up my cup with hot water for some apple cider (my stay-awake and anti-snack staple). There's a hot water tap in the water filter in the break room at work. I filled up my cup and as I picked it up I didn't have enough grip on it and I spilled the scalding hot water all over the floor and did a little dance to avoid getting it on my feet. Fortunately three of my co-workers were in the room watching me spill and dance around like an idiot.

Then, I go back to my desk where my co-worker discreetly informs me that my fly is down. Since I went to the bathroom over an hour ago, it's been down quite a while. I wonder how many people saw?

And then (here's the best one) I go to the bathroom, sit down, do my business, and reach for the toilet paper. Here's a disclaimer - normally the TP is in one I those dispensers, but when it runs out we just use a free roll that is kept on top of the dispenser. There was one such free roll this morning, which explains how I managed to drop it and watch it till into the next stall. Luckily, someone was in the stall. They kindly gave the roll back to me and I hurried out of the bathroom (don't worry, I still washed my hands).

Embarrassing! Today has been just wonderful - just one of those stupid, awkward, klutzy days. Oh well. Makes for good stories, huh?

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