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Monday, June 7, 2010

I think I've been to more famous author's houses than I have friend's houses back home...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This morning we went rowing on the Serpentine in Hyde Park! It was so much fun! It is so hot here. I am really not used to the humidity. I was dying on the walk there and back. The weather is beautiful. A little too hot for my taste, but beautiful. And rowing on the Serpentine was so fun, though we weren’t very good rowers at all. There were three of us in a boat, two in another boat, and two more in one of those paddle boats you work with your feet. None of us really knew how to row, but we took turns and got better towards the end.

We reenacted the scene from Phantom when he takes her across the underground lake – it will be on facebook soon, I’m sure. I played the Phantom as I rowed. Aubrie was Christine in the back of the boat, looking scared. Classic. It was so much fun.

After the Serpentine we walked over to the Orangery next to Kensington Palace and had tea and crumpets! Well, I had lemonade and a fruit scone…but still! It was so cute! And I felt so British whilst eating. We spent the rest of the afternoon venturing out to Samuel Johnson’s house and Dicken’s house. I’ll be honest and say that both of these sites were rather boring. I liked Dicken’s because I actually enjoy his writing, but I was semi-bored by the exhibits in the house.

Johnson’s was under renovations, so there was basically nothing in the house. Lame. There were, however, outfits to try on. They were made for seven year olds, but we tried them on anyways. It was hilarious. That part was fun. I’m sure if I had more food in my stomach and it hadn’t been quite so hot that I would have enjoyed the houses more. But I’m quite frankly all famous-author’s-house-d out. Jess and I went to Khan’s for dinner – best Indian food ever! I loved it even more this time than last time I ate there. And then we spent half an hour hunting for Magnums, finally finding some in a shady little shop off of Queensway. I had the almond one – sooooo good. I’m going to miss Magnums when I come home. And all the amazing chocolate. I’m not going to miss what it does to my body though J The rest of the evening was spent trying to do homework and failing miserably. Not miserably, I guess. Just semi-miserably. You see, we have a midterm next week. It’s kind of ridiculous because it’s on nothing we actually learned in English and it’s less than a week before our final. Biggest joke ever. And it’s extraordinarily time consuming. Ugh!!!! I can see my GPA flying out the window into the London sky. I’m trying not to mind…but it’s a bit hard for me…Just pray that what I do will be enough, okay? Thanks. I appreciate it.

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