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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why didn't anyone tell me?!?

I am so grateful I'm in the musicals genre film class. If you know me, you know I love musicals. However, my personal education in this genre was lacking in two areas--Elvis Presley and Bollywood. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THEY WERE AMAZING?!?

We'll start with Elvis. In class we watched Change of Habit with Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore. It is an AWFUL movie. The acting (with the exception of Mary, who is always charming) is terrible. Elvis is so bad, and yet....I find myself loving him. Maybe it's because he's so attractive. I had never thought so before, but seeing a movie with him finally made me believe it. Attractive he is. I don't know what it is about him--maybe his complete lack of acting skills made him endearing in some way. There's a charm about him, something that I can't quite place. But he just makes me want to watch more of him. And, admittedly love him while I laugh at him. The end of the movie was just terrible. No resolution. At all. Disappointing. And, by the way, it's NOT a musical. Yes, Elvis sings in it, but it's not a musical.

Next, we have Bollywood. Holy cow, I found a new passion! I can't get enough!!! We watched Om Shanti Om in class tonight and let me tell you, I could not stop smiling during and after the movie. The filmmakers are completely aware of what they are doing, and they make the most of it. I want to live in India now. Add this movie to my top 20 all-time favorite movies list--no joke. They just do whatever they want, and they do it marvelously and beautifully. What a fun style! And I may just have a celebrity crush on hero Shahrukh Khan now. I think it's his hair. And his dancing. And his goonish charm. Why didn't anyone sit me down and make me watch these movies before?! Life will never be the same.

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