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Thursday, March 10, 2011

J-HARD dates!

So, last semester was a bit of a dry spell dating wise...but this semester has been full of dating! I'm a dating machine! Okay, compared to some people I am not a dating machine. But compared to the Jenny of last semester? Definitely. I think I've been on some sort of a date almost every week! Record breaking. Take this moment to do a victory dance to a Lady Gaga song.................................................Oh yeah, baby! Anyway, dating is fun. Most of the time. I went on a rather interesting date last week that I'm just itching to write about.

I met the guy speed dating. I didn't even want to go speed dating in the first place, but my roommate Katelyn insisted we be brave and, as the great goddess Nike would say, just do it. So we did it. We wrote our names and phone numbers on a big poster in the corner of the room, with our corresponding name tag numbers and sat down. And it was super fun! I mean, I can hardly remember most of the guys I talked to...there was definitely a really attractive boy from London...but it was an experience worth having. Towards the end of the speed dating I met this guy that I thought was rather attractive, friendly, and from Holladay-- right by where I grew up! The people running the event had given us a little sheet with ice breaker questions on it. One of them was, of course, will you marry me? Well this particular guy asked me that question. With a smirk of course--he wasn't one of those weirdies who was serious about marrying someone after 1.5 minutes with the girl. So I played along. "Sure! I've always been partial to the Salt Lake Temple. You?" He laughed and we joked. And we flirted. I'm not a particularly skilled flirter but I felt pretty outgoing at that moment and laid it on as thick as I could. He was cute, so why not? He asked for my number, and there you have it. I was thrilled. I got his phone number off of the sign-up posters and that was that. The wait began.

I had determined to wait a week to see if he called or texted, but then he was at this missionary fireside I went to. I hung around after and tried to catch his eye, see if he remembered me, perhaps even talk to him. He was there with a girl and was talking to a bunch of other people, so I never got the chance. I scolded myself for the next couple of hours. Then the thought entered my mind--what if I texted him? Just a simple, harmless little text. Katelyn encouraged me, and feeling really brave in a unimportant sort of way I texted him! It might sound stupid, but I literally felt so outgoing and brave. This was not typical Jenny behavior. He texted back, we had a bit of a conversation, and then he asked me if I wanted to do something next week. Inside I was screaming YES! but my text read, "Sure, sounds like fun." Casual as can be. I was thrilled though. And, low and behold, the following week he texted me and asked me on a date.

We arranged to meet a 9:00PM after my musicals class. I left class all nervous and scared, my one jolt of courage coming from the fact that my hair looked AWESOME. I waited for a little while, but then I saw him approaching. He got closer, and he was glancing around--he didn't remember me! Oh well, I didn't really blame him. We had only talked for two minutes a week and a half ago. But I smiled at him and he figured out it was me. We went downstairs in the Wilk to go bowling, but it was bowling team night so we played pool instead. Now, the date started off normally. How was your day? What are you studying? What do you like to do? etc. Typical questions for a first, practically blind, date. But then he started flirting with me. Really flirting. He would put his hands on my waist and make comments about how "distracting" I was to his pool game.

I'll be honest and say that, at the time, I was super flattered. No boy has ever been that forward with me, especially on a first date. But then it started to become a bit much. He pulled the "lean around the girl to get the shot" trick, basically wrapping his arms around me. He upped his number of compliments to my beauty. He told me that if he ever made me feel uncomfortable I could tell him or elbow him or something. Right. But the topper of the evening was the make-out joke. "I've never made out on a pool table, you know. And there's a first time for everything," said with a half-serious look in his eye. Really? I mean, really? He made this comment not once, but TWICE. Okay, I know that I'm a cute little Mormon girl with a rather naive view of dating and flirting. I know that. But still, on a first date, does anyone pull those moves on someone they barely know? Not unless they're looking for some action--some make-out-on-the-pool-table action would seem to be his specific preference. He was mostly kidding, I know. But still, that little hint of "actually I wouldn't mind if we did make out on the pool table" weirded me out just a little bit.

Besides the octopus hands and the make-out comments he was a complete gentleman the entire night. He offered to carry my backpack as he walked me home. He walked on the side of the street closest to the cars (a gesture, I must admit, that has never made complete sense to me--if a car spins out of control towards us, him being nearest to the road won't matter. We'll both die. Nice gesture though, I guess). He was perfectly considerate and kind. But for some reason I don't think he'll be calling me again. He probably thought I just wanted to hook up and make out or something and wasn't bargaining on the fact that I don't do that or that I was actually legitimately interested in getting to know him. Or maybe he's just not interested. No biggie. I've kinda lost a bit of my interest too. That's what an octopus will do to ya.

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