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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's happening...

...I can feel it in my bones...its coming...


Every summer I seem to find a new obsession of the movie variety, and though this one is later into the summer than most that does not lessen the powerful, overwhelming appetite I have for this particular cinematic experience. Two summers ago it was 80s movies, last summer it was Bollywood, and this summer?


I love it. I just love it. I can't get enough. I stumbled onto it via Netflix (bless you, Netflix overlords!) and I'm adding tv shows to my queue like a fat kid adds candy to his mom's shopping cart. And I'm devouring them as quickly too. I mean, as quickly as a girl who works full time and wants some semblance of a social life can. In the past couple of days I've watched 10 episodes of a show called "Lie to Me" (not at all related to the American show of the same name) from 2011. It's 16 episodes of pure, unadulterated, cliched, joyous romantic farce with a heavy dose of actual grounding in reality. Farce and reality combined? How is such a paradox resolved? It seems like a beautiful trait of all Asian cinema. The characters are real enough that you connect with them, though almost everything that happens to them happens in every romcom/action movie/movie in general EVER and is classically over dramatic (not quite Bollywood dramatic, but close). But, as we learn from Hollywood, it doesn't matter how many times we've heard the story - the execution is where it's at, and this show delivers! The first few episodes were, quite frankly, awful. But I think it's finally settled into a rhythm that feels more natural and real - or my standards have dropped, one or the other.

I have been sucked in to South Korea, not to return until I have exhausted every available resource on Netflix and the interwebs available to me. Feel free to come along - its a wonderful ride!

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