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Friday, December 9, 2011

I am not sure I like what you think I like...

Blind dates can be fun, but I think my favorite part is seeing who your friends think you will hit it off with. I recently attended my friend Katelyn's young single adult "Holidate" activity, which was rather like a progressive date - one date during the salad, one during the main course, etc. For the first round, since Katelyn was running the whole activity, she hand-picked my first date. She told me she thought he was my type, which piqued my curiosity - what exactly does she see as my type? Well, the guy she set me up with was, as far as I could tell, definitely not my type. I mean, he seemed fun and interesting, but not like any of the other guys she's seen me take an interest in. Not that I didn't enjoy myself - I had a great time and enjoyed meeting him. But I found it surprising that she would pick him for me. It's interesting what people think you like or what will fit you, especially when they know you really well. Either way, I enjoy meeting new people regardless of their fit or appeal to me.

NOTE: I just found out from Katelyn that the boy I had my first round date with was actually NOT the guy she picked for me ha ha ha. So this post now has less relevance.

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