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Monday, July 25, 2011

Goodbye, dearest Freddie

On Sunday, July 24, 2011, Freddie the Frog was found dead in his water bowl. The cause of death remains unknown, though he was found in a suspiciously tight nook of the bowl, between his decorative rock and the glass. This brings to mind a few causes of death, the most troubling being the potentiality of suicide. It's very possible that Fred was an old frog, ready to move on. I'm not sure exactly what the life expectancy of his species is. However, if it was suicide, I feel awful that Freddie would no longer want to continue his life, especially since I tried to make his earthly stay as comfortable as possible. Perhaps his minuscule brain could no longer take the mundane lifestyle. We shall never know.

Fred is survived by his buddy Ricky the Frog, who has now taken entirely to hiding underneath the decorative rock, as if he is searching for his lost friend. I fear I may find him in a similar condition as Fred any day now. Hold on, Ricky!

Rest in peace, little Freddie. Rest in peace.

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