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Thursday, March 25, 2010


DAY 1 - Thursday

Bradley and Trevor picked Katelyn and me up at 6:00pm and the adventure begins. Please watch the video.

We arrived at around 9:30ish and met up with Bradley’s family, Rowdy, and Sammy who had already set up camp. We went on our first trail in the Jeeps – Fins n Things, an easier but so much fun trail. And in the dark it’s way more intense.

Then we went back to camp and watched Shanghai Noon on Sam’s laptop. It rains and blows, so we move under the tent entryway canopy. Trevor kept the canopy from flapping around by using his scriptures as a paperweight (scripture power!). We got to the really intense final climactic fight scene, and then Sam’s computer died…so Katelyn and I retired to the motor home where Bradley’s family was kind enough to give us the master bedroom with the amazing sleep number bed. How did we get so lucky? I offered to sleep in the tent with the guys but for some reason that’s not allowed… ;)

DAY 2 – Friday

We woke up to waffles and bacon. Sam took me to the store to purchase some motion-sickness prevention medication which was a major blessing but also a problem because Jenny found herself falling asleep on the roughest of jeeping trails throughout the day. We took off on an all day trail – Poison Spider and Golden Spike combined, I believe. It was cold – silly Moab, you’re supposed to be warm – but so much fun!!! I rode with Sam and Trevor for most of the day and they were kind enough to let me sit in the front heated seat so I wouldn’t freeze. We had a picnic lunch right by the epic crack that we crossed (see picture below). I screamed quite a bit more than I anticipated but I hope it made the experience more enjoyable. We were all exhausted and fell asleep to a movie in the motor home before going to our respective sleeping areas.

DAY 3 – Saturday

We went on the Behind the Rocks trail and saw some pretty awesome scenery. On the rally roads in both Sam and Bradley’s cars we played the Indiana Jones theme song while driving as fast as possible – epic! Later we went on Fins n Things again and Sammy let me drive his Jeep! So cool! I went up what I considered some intense obstacles and I didn’t break anything! Quite a successful journey. Then, we ate at Zax’s in Moab, which was really tasty. We had dutch oven peach cobbler back at the camp and sat around the campfire for a while, swapping stories and laughs. And then we went on the trail Hell’s Revenge in the dark, which turned out to maybe not be such a good idea because we got lost and half of us fell asleep. But we made it out okay in the end, thanks to Trevor’s flame spotting skills and Bradley and Sam’s rather powerful headlights.

DAY 4 – Sunday

We awoke to wonderful French toast and then cleaned up camp. Brad’s family left, and us college kids went to church in a Moab family ward. After church, we hiked up to Delicate arch to participate in a very Sunday appropriate activity of marveling at God’s creations. We then drove back to Provo. Katelyn and Brad in Sandy and Sammy, Rowdy, Trevor, and Jenny in Lady. In our car everyone took a lovely nap (except Sam, the driver, of course) as we listened to Elder Holland’s conference talks. We drove and talked and discussed and had a marvelous time.

This trip was so much fun, I can hardly tell you. One of the most fun weekends I have ever had. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I can fully understand why Bradley and Sammy love doing it so much and so often. Thank you so much to Bradley’s family for letting us stay with them and for taking care of us. We made some new friends, got to know some old ones better, and we had far too much fun. Thanks to Bradley and Sammy for inviting us all! And here’s hoping there are many more Moab adventures J

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