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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Curse you, Mr. Darcy!

Period films are not good for me. I watch them and I re-watch them and I get addicted. Then I want to live them, which is a fantasy that is only realized as I watch the films. I guess that is part of why we watch movies, right? To get sucked in to a world we never imagined? I want so badly to find a guy that will love me like Mr. Rochester loves Jane Eyre, or like Knightly loves Emma, or like Darcy loves Elizabeth. I know boys think it’s silly, but I really think they should put more stock in the period films that so many girls love. If they were smart, they would watch them and figure out what it is that girls love so much about it. It’s like this guy I knew in high school who read the Twilight series so he could learn and emulate what girls loved so much about Jacob and Edward. Same basic principle. I don’t expect guys today to walk around in tailcoats with longish hair and high collars. I just think it would be nice if every once a while a guy would be just as gentlemanly as the period dudes. Proper, full of respect for the female race, rather than teasing and prodding like I usually see them. I think that in wanting equality between the sexes we have lost some of that. I’ll admit that I’m one of the women that probably would have hated all the manners and etiquette if I had to live with them. I would have been one of those refusing to wear a corset because it inhibited my running through the fields. But still, we deserve to be treated like women. Respected as women. Not treated like one of the guys to the point where they forget we aren’t one. But if boys were smart, they would take a leaf out of Mr. Darcy’s book. And let’s be honest, I really do love the long curlyish hair that many of them have. Boys, the hair is also a plus if you can pull it off. Oh, to run my fingers through their luscious locks! *sigh* J

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