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Sunday, February 17, 2013


The rumors are true, it's official - I will be spending two months in INDIA this summer! I am so excited! In fact, it's making it difficult to focus on school. I just want to go now. 

But why am I going to India, you ask? Here's why:

1. I have always wanted to go on a humanitarian trip. It's one thing to know that there is poverty in this world. It's another thing entirely to see it and be able to do something about it. 

2. HELP International does really great work in India. For example, in 2012 they ran a summer camp for 150 students from slum communities, taught maturation classes to young women, offered provident living workshop to over 60 participants, created a Missing Children campaign to curb child disappearance in India, and drilled 12 bore wells, granting thousands of people access to safe drinking water. They also run a program for young women called GLOW, which empowers the girls to stay in school. I am particularly interested in the education and public health opportunities in India. Think of how much difference you can make by helping a girl get an education - by teaching her that she has value and deserves that education!

3. I spend far too much time thinking about myself. It's almost all I do, it feels like. I want to get outside of myself and help other people. That's the only way to find true happiness. Plus, the people I will be serving need my attention much more than I do.

4. It's India. It has a vibrant culture and it's completely different from anything I've ever experience before. It's inspired me to learn Hindi - that's how in love with the culture I am. 

Now here's where you - yes, you - come in. I need your help to make the above mentioned public health and education projects possible. I am completely willing to pay for the entire thing myself, but I want to include you so you can be a participant. Not everybody has the time or the inclination to spend a summer in a foreign, far-off land, but everybody can be a part of it.

My goal is to raise $6000 by April 1, 2013.

Please consider donating $35$50$100$250$500 or whatever you can. Any amount helps. Checks should be made payable to HELP International with “Jenny Hardy” in the memo line. Donations can be mailed directly to HELP International at 455 N. University Ave. Suite 212, Provo, UT 84601 or through Network for Good online.  For online donations, go to HELP's donation page and include “Jenny Hardy” in the dedication box. If you’d like more info please visit the HELP International website

You will change countless lives by simply taking a few minutes to donate. It’s worth it!

I am so excited to go to India, and I am equally excited to share those experiences with you. Keep checking back for updates and countdowns. And please consider donating. Even if it's just $10, that's $10 to help keep a girl in school or provide a family with safe drinking water.

In the mean time, back to school....

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