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Monday, May 13, 2013

The day is here!

Well, the day has finally come! I am currently on a bus to New York. From there I will fly to London (ahhhhh!) and then Hyderabad (wooo!). 

Honestly I'm scared. Well, perhaps nervous is a better word. I didn't expect leaving Boston to be so painful - I love it here, and spending the summer here would have been lovely too. Plus, me being me, I tend to get a bit nervous/scared before I go on a big adventure. I felt this way before going on my study abroad to London, and that ended up being the best two months of my life. Here's hoping India is a wonderful experience. I'm sure it will be. New situations always make me feel uneasy, but I guess that's how we grow.

Right now I'm just missing my friends back in Boston. They've become my family, and I'm afraid I left a bit of my heart with them. 

In two days (two looooong days of lots of sitting and strangers sitting too closely) I will be in India. Crazy. I'm so thankful for everyone who donate to make this possible. I will try to make you proud.

The woman sitting next to me on the bus has the button tones on for her phone, so there's an obnoxious beep every time she presses a button. And she is texting. Blargh. Oh well. She doesn't stink, so that's something. 

More updates to come :)

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