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Monday, November 15, 2010


I recently discovered that, since I've been in school, my hobbies have kind of disappeared to the back burner. So I decided to record here all the things that I normally do. Then, when people ask what my hobbies are, I can just send them a link with the disclaimer that many of these things I do not do currently, but have had or currently have an interest in pursuing.

A list of my hobbies:

Drawing (particularly cartoons and anime)
Movie-watching (I still do this one quite a bit)
Writing - stories, screenplays, etc (I get to do this one for school right now, so that's fun)
Sewing (I have recently taken this one up again to create my t-shirt quilt)
Video game playing (only when I am on vacation or have a long flight/drive ahead of me)
Making movies (I also get to do this at school :)
Dancing - ballroom, country swing, and others that I have yet to learn)
Napping (I do this rather regularly too. I'm very good at it. In fact, I may go do it right now...)
Play watching - I adore plays. I could watch a play every day if time and the world allowed it.
TV watching, but only select shows. Right now I only watch Doctor Who and Bones.
Singing - I used to take voice lessons and I performed in choirs but haven't seriously since high school.

Well...that's it I guess. I guess I have lots of interests. Sometimes I feel so bland, but I guess that's just because when I'm in school, that takes up all of my hobby time.

P.S. What is a hobby horse?

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