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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Won Over

I saw the new episode of Doctor Who (The Eleventh Hour) via Youtube last night - thank you so much to all of those lovely people who posted the entire episode. I know it probably took a long time, but it was totally worth their efforts :)

David Tennant will always be my Doctor. He's who I began with, who I know the best, and who got me addicted to the show. I've been through thick and thin with him.

But Matt Smith - quite promising! I LOVED the new episode! It was so nice to see a new one. I've been memorizing Series 1-4 since David Tennant's final episodes. It had some really creepy elements that I enjoyed - the teeth of the monster were sweet. I can't wait to see more of the inside of the new TARDIS.
I was worried I wouldn't like Matt Smith. Though he still has a lot of proving to do, I really see a lot of great potential. And he and his companion - Amy Pond - have a lot of good chemistry. They work well together. I really liked Amy Pond. She was a very fun character, and Karen Gillan was fun in her role. I liked that she and the Doctor had a bit more history before taking off together. I'm excited to get to know the both of them better. Matt had this serious, kind of daring side that I really liked. He was goofy and weird, but then really cool at the same time. I guess David Tennant was like that too. I still don't see a big difference between the two Doctors, but in further episodes I bet I will. It seemed like he was slowly coming into his own, and by the end of the episode he was more himself. The absolute best moment came in the Doctor's final confrontation with the aliens they had been facing off with throughout the episode. He asked the aliens if Earth was protected: the aliens examine clips of all the other aliens we've seen - Cybermen, Daleks, Cykorax, etc - all of them. And then the Doctor asks, "And what happened to all of them?" and then one by one, we see each of the Doctors. One after another, we see their faces, from the very beginning to Christopher Eccleston, then David Tennant, and then Matt walks through the image, and says "Hello. I'm the Doctor." And then he tells them to run. SQUEEE! I got chills - holy cow I loved it! Such a perfect beginning to a new Doctor. I can't wait to see what he does next and where he and Amy go. I'm so excited! The episode was prime - top notch. I realize that this review of the episode is more fangirly than critic, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I love this show. There's just a magic with it that doesn't fade for me. I know I'm a little obsessive about it - I mean, I got Converse high-tops that match the Doctor's and a sonic screwdriver like the Doctor's - but I think that makes it more fun, right? It's like how other people follow American Idol or Lost or some other TV show...Mine's just a little stranger...but I love it so! I would trade all the pop stars in the world for one Doctor :)

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