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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I left Salt Lake City at 10:00 AM on April 27th. We flew to Atlanta, Georgia where we ate hot dogs cuz they were the cheapest thing we could find. Then, at 5:45 Atlanta time (3:45 SLC time) we boarded the plane to LONDON!!!! It was about an eight hour flight. I watched Leap Year, which is like the perfect movie to watch on a plane because I wanted to see it, but I didn't want to pay to see it necessarily. Though it was a rather average film I thoroughly enjoyed it. I slept a bit, maybe 3 1/2 hours. I watched some Doctor Who and some BBC Pride and Prejudice - so glad I put all those movies on my ipod :)

We arrived at 7:30 AM London time (midnight SLC time) on April 28th. And I've been awake ever since...running on about 6 hours of sleep for the past two days...and today felt like two days crammed into one.

I got through customs without a hitch. I rode on a train into London, and then I rode in my first ever taxi, not to mention first ever LONDON taxi. We drove past Buckingham Palace! The London Centre is right by Hyde Park. We moved in all our stuff and tried to stay awake by deciding to go on one of the walks in our London Walks books. We walked around our entire neighborhood, and then we decided to try out our handy tube passes and explored, our final goal - Big Ben. It was so cool - you come right out of the Westminster station and there it is, larger than life! BIG BEN! And the London Eye! And all that goes with them! SO AMAZING! We liked it so much we went back at night.

Today was the longest day ever, but filled with so many cool things. I love the tube - I wish SLC had one. It's so nice. You can never get lost with the tube. And London's is way nicer than the NYC subway. Not so ghetto. I began feeling a bit homesick about midday today, but I'm better now. I'm not excited to do the whole studying bit...kinda wish I wasn't here to take classes...but oh well! I'll definitely learn a lot. Both in and out of the Centre. I'm worried that I won't focus as much as I should on my classes though...there's so much to see and do here! I love London so far!


  1. You're THERE!!! Yay I hope you have the time of your life!!

  2. That is so exciting!! How long are you going to be in London?

  3. Jenny!! Glad you made it. I love the pic, sounds like a great time so far. Can you believe you're in London??!! So awesome...

    We're excited to hear how things go, we'll be following... Love ya, Mikey