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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Love Frogs

I saw The Princess and the Frog last night, and I absolutely loved it! The animation was GORGEOUS. It practically glowed. It was like magic just watching the film, story aside. And I loved that it was in the style of classic, 2-D Disney animation. I miss those immensely. My eyes were delighted. The characters were tons of fun - especially Prince Naveen, Dr. Facilier (he's the bad guy - is it okay to delight in the evilness of a bad guy?), and Ray. Ray's piece of the story was surprising and touching! I loved Tiana as well. Definitely a fun new addition to the Disney Princess canon. The movie worked very well, and my roommates and I found ourselves laughing pretty much the entire time. It was way funnier than I anticipated. The overall story was mostly predictable, but was told in a fresh way that didn't make it seem to tired or predictable. The only thing I didn't love about the movie was the music. It just wasn't as fabulous as I wanted it to be. I'm not dying to go out and buy the CD like I was with Enchanted or any of the other Disney movies. Don't get me wrong, the music was fun. Just not on par with other Disney movies I think. I would definitely recommend this movie, though some of the scary voodoo images might be a little too much for little kids. But it's such pretty animation that I was more delighted than frightened, and since I have the mindset of a four-year-old, maybe little kids would be just fine. I love princesses, I love Disney when they do what they're best at, and I love frogs! :)

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