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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Captain

I saw Captain America again last night. Yes, AGAIN. I absolutely love it. It's not a perfect movie, but it hits most of the right spots. I just adore the Marvel Universe and the Marvel movies especially. I love seeing all the different comic book stories cross paths and interact. I especially love the Avengers. And Captain America has quickly become my favorite of the heroes part of that group. I think the thing I like most about him is where he came from and the person he is. Some heroes have cool powers, some have cool gadgets - Cap just has accentuated human features. That's not to say he isn't super. He most certainly is. But he's good. He was chosen to be a hero because of his goodness and compassion and strength of heart. I think the thing that really sets hims apart is that he was actually chosen for his job. Most superheroes are born with powers or opportunities that lend themselves to superheroity. Their struggle is coming to terms with their responsibilities as heroes. Cap wanted to be a hero - to stand up for the little guy and sock Adolf Hitler in the jaw - and he was given that chance. It kind of gives him a unique position in the superhero world. He's smart and a great leader too.

I think one of the other things I love about him, though, is his lack of skill with women. It's endearing. Most superheroes are pretty suave when it comes to girls - Superman flirts with Lois about the color of her underwear in the first movie, Tony Stark is a notorious womanizer, Thor is extremely chivalrous and uses it to his best advantage. There's nothing wrong with these men's dating habits, of course - I would die to have Superman flirt with me. Captain America, however, gets supremely nervous around girls (I refer to the heroes' movie incarnations - I've not read the comics, though I would like to). For some reason I find that more intriguing than the womanizer. A man with killer good looks and a to-die-for heroic attitude would naturally be flocked by women. I loved seeing his face each time a girl came on to him - it was all new for him, something that he was constantly surprised by. And how baffled he is by women is chuckle worthy. So much fun.

I think Cap takes his place above Iron Man as my favorite Marvel hero. Superman still holds his spot as king of the DC universe. Superman has always been my all-time favorite. We'll see if that continues to hold true. Cap is giving him a run for his money, that's for sure.

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  1. Captain America! It's Mikey!! (Except the nervous around women part. I mean he was no womanizer but I think he held his own) ;). I can't wait to see this one.