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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Giant Outside My Window

Across the street from my apartment they are building a giant new apartment complex. It used to be a big empty field that we would cut through on our way to visit friends. They start banging their tools and such at the crack of dawn every day, and though I am a heavy sleeper and never hear them while I'm asleep, once I'm awake I can't hear anything but the banging and hammering and scraping. It sounds like there is a giant eating cereal outside my window. The scraping and clinking and crunching and banging sounds like it's Honey Bunches of Oats being mashed up inside a giant's mouth, like the crunching you hear in your own head when you're eating cereal but 100 times louder. I like the idea of having a giant outside my window much more than having construction. Giants are cooler.The construction really isn't annoying or anything. Every now and then I hear guys screaming at each other, trying to be heard over the noise of their machines, and their conversations travel all the way to my window. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything juicy or exciting yet. Mostly just "No! NO! Don't put that there!" or "You have to turn that around!" "I can't turn it around!" or "HOW'S THAT?!?" Not very exciting, I know, but I keep hoping.

(The accompanying picture has nothing to do with this post except that it's of something GIANT. I couldn't help but post it :)

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