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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paris holds the key to your heart

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today we slept in! Not completely in, but enough to feel rested. We decided to take a train out to Versailles to see the palace – it was absolutely amazing! One of my favorite places I’ve been this summer so far. It was huge and beautiful and ornate. The Hall of Mirrors was probably my favorite part of the actual palace.

But the best part overall was Marie Antoinette’s hamlet, situated in a park a little ways from the palace. Oh my goodness, I could have died from how cute it was! I loved it so much! Thanks to Mama C who recommended we go. It was like a fairytale village, straight out of a story book. And while we were there it began to rain a bit, making it somehow more picturesque. I could hardly believe it. I can totally see why Marie Antoinette would prefer it to the palace.

After our journey home we ventured out to have some dinner. We decided we needed to have at least one legit French meal while we were here, even though the legit food is like 3 times more expensive than the American or store food. So we found a little cafĂ© and we ate there – the most expensive meal I’ve ever had, but boy was the salmon amazing! It was probably the most amazing food I’ve ever had, so I guess that’s what you pay for, right? It was fun to have a real Parisian dinner.

After dinner we hopped on the metro to find the Arc de Triumph, and on our way we encountered some accordion players who actually weren't terribly talented but were actually quite entertaining. One of them put some moves on Whitney (see picture). Apparently that sort of thing happens to her a lot.

Then a whole bunch of supporters of the Algerian football team hopped on the train with us and were celebrating and singing – they had just tied England in the world cup. It was really fun and crazy. There were also some Mexican supporters – Mexico beat France in football that night too. They were all heading to the Arc de Triumph to celebrate. It was crazy fun. We took some pictures and headed home real fast because Whitney is leaving for the airport via taxi at 4:30 tomorrow morning. These past two days have been amazing! I’ll be honest though, I’m burning myself out…I don’t know how much more my body and mind will let me take. It’s so cool to be here in Paris though – it’s really such a beautiful city. I'm now going to Paris!

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