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Saturday, June 6, 2009


So...I've found two new TV shows this summer that I absolutely love. The first is Road to Avonlea, which is basically a spin-off of Anne of Green Gables. It's a bit sappy at times, and not every episode is fabulously written, but it has a magic to it that I loved about Anne of Green Gables. The characters are interesting and lovable. It makes me want to more to Prince Edward Island. Really badly.

But then, thanks to Lucky Mather, I met the Doctor. Doctor who, you may ask? And I would say, exactly.

Doctor Who is my new favorite TV show. I have only seen series 2-4, which star David Tennant as the Doctor. He is fabulous! So talented. The Doctor travels through time and space and does what a doctor is supposed to do - helps people. It is such a fun show, and though there are flaws, I feel it is an entertaining, heartfelt series and the good stuff FAR outweighs the bad. It's produced by BBC and has a great team of writers that I wish I could work with. The Doctor travels in his ship, the TARDIS, usually with a companion. When I first saw Rose I was kinda 'meh' about her, then I grew to love her as a character. She and the Doctor's love story was so sweet. And then she was pulled away from him - saddest episode ever! Then came Martha, who I didn't like because I was mourning the loss of Rose. Then Martha was awesome, but she left. Not quite as sad as Rose leaving, but still. Then Donna came on full time, and I really didn't like her. But by the end of her season, she had the most powerful storyline and character, and now I'm sad she's gone too.

And I don't care what people say about the quality of the show - the writing, the ending of the fourth series, whatever - my personal opinion of these things is that I'd have them no other way. Even the one episode I didn't like, I still wouldn't entirely change. The thing I love most about the characters is not just their quirks and personalities but how they change throughout the series. The Doctor takes normal people, like Rose and Martha and Donna, and helps them become extraordinary and live up to their potential. Oh, how I wish I could travel with the Doctor! The entire cast and crew was and is great. Dedicated and passionate about their work. The only thing I'm sad about is that David Tennant has only a few specials left before the Doctor becomes someone else. Still, it was a fun run, and he was so crazy, so wild, so fun. And so lonely. He has friends - tons of friends, and many companions, but he has to watch them all leave, over and over again. He is never alone, but he always is. My favorite episodes so far are:

The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit
Army of Ghosts
Human Nature
The Family of Blood
Blink (my very favorite)
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead
The Stolen Earth
Journey's End

I know...I have lots of favorites... :)

This show brings out the geek in me, and I am proud of my geekiness. In fact, I have my own sonic screwdriver, just like the Doctor's, on the way. I love getting lost in a story, in a show, in a world that I can never live in but am allowed to through these characters. In fact, this is why I want to tell stories. Stories make life better.

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